Preface from the current owner

NORANTEL.COM ex owner, NORANTEL(R),there are two main segments of the history, The first segment is her own , which is said between 1985 and 2007. The second segment about she is being sold to Westell(R), which is 2007 to current.
We only have a formal press release dated on 3 Jan 2007, saying NORANTEL(R) belongs to Westell(R), here is the link, , I also have mirrored this on, it seems have been mirrored at least three times, the statement is still on the after obtaining the dot com domain, not being reset, might be a low costed, small important piece about the dot com just like .
If you like looking something such as PBX, it is recommended visiting for more details. In here, is for about the first dot com boom after some rights is released to Versign(R) in early 1990s.

About the first part of ex owner brief history

According to mirroring, The shape is roughly know she manufactures traditional equipment such as PBX , the first record, dated on 1997 October, seems a bit old, perhaps netscape's(R) style? There is one statement in about us, since 1985 from Canada, have been working in the telecommunication network . In 1990s, There are people including me have used 56Kbps during these young days. I remembered when need using internet after reading this, have to redirect phone line to a mobile phone, the mobile phone used is simless, just like what people received today in some models, especially Apple(R) Iphone , It is not new, just with a more advanced modem with *nix installed.

The second part of ex owner brief history

I have limited ideas about this right now, might need update later on. Perhaps that entity faces some problem during later time, finally agrees Westell(R) offer, being one of Westell(R)'s Subsidies since 2007, That entity might be still here, perhaps the ex owner might have forgotten the domain name. It is said, the market during the time , overall might be in downtrend, one of incidents during the time, the first financial crisis in early 2000s, between 2007-2008, La lehman is on the grand spotlight for resting in pieces due to other entities prefers not having her bad bills such as CDO

How about the first dot com boom?

Since 1990s, some rights are released by The Pentagon or DoD in short , Versign(R) accquires them, then allowing more entities to register theirs including outsiders like me . The domain I found is not backordered, Is from expired bidding, the domain name is registered since 1995 and the second is still counting , the transferring fee Perhaps this dot com maybe not a good idea for investment but preservation alive, If being backordered, it's gone , even people like me, having some ideas in manipulation. Perhaps, the ex owner might want that back after seeing this. Of course, this might be difficult, we can discuss.

How the file being transferred to me in unexpected low pirce?

I was searching some possible names for constructing a premium file for later use, I have seen that one twice. As I am looking something close to early 1990s, also need the cost as low as possible, The offer might look like dark horse, so I give that a try.

How about the value?

These generally depends on combination such as readability the time passed by also the environment. It is said the easier to read, the higher of recognition, the nature of that being, the more expensive.
It is said, If saying the rank, the biggest bill is, according to's information, in 2019, 30M USD.
If for discussing the lowest bill of aged shortcut, not backordered. I select Tencent's QQ. 110K USD for the Of course, that entity does well, so many folds.
According to,, It was asked for 625,000 USD, for the first hand, Cor Blimey ! About one year later, 50K USD out. Pretty oddly.
Although people say one of my combinations is so cheap, so lousy, maybe you are naive with other branches? You have been listening Abaz's work for days do ya? Although I rare care his works, I have found that that combination, is likely undervalued. This may see by time.

What next may the current owner do?

The current owner is plotting rss feed just like what some people clicked before, The flow is under adjustment, for the try out, you may visit for a try.